The most powerful Workflow on G Suite!

Powertools presents Complex Workflows, the most visual, versatile and powerful workflow on G Suite. This new feature allows Google Drive users to configure advanced workflows for their business processes with the visual modeling tools.

See what it looks like:

Create intuitive workflows with visual modeling

You can choose to pick an existing template or configure a new workflow from scratch. Create tasks with the visual modeling tools with a simple drag-and-drop design.

Create conditional gateways

Define different scenarios, based on file properties.

Monitor everything in your dashboard

Create deadlines to your tasks, review the document history, take action to the pending tasks, monitor the status of your workflows. Powertools offers you analytics tools and easy-to-read reports.


Why Powertools?

Add structure to Google Drive, organize content and support collaboration by creating dedicated team and project workspaces.

Powertools offers you advanced document management features: file types, metadata and tags, workflows, versioning, corporate ownership of content, reporting, MS Office integration – all seamlessly integrated with Google Drive. Powertools is also the only document management solution integrated with Team Drives!

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