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Powertools for Google Drive is now Recommended for Google Apps for Work by Google !

Cloud solutions like Google Drive are changing the way people collaborate and interact. Google Drive offers business of all size the opportunity to work with more agility, at a fraction of the traditional costs. Serving this agility while ensuring process oriented work could be challenging. This is why we’ve built Powertools for Google Drive, a unique solution to transform Google Drive with the power of organization. Workflow, secured workspaces, and business portals are some of the key features we’ve built in the product, seeing a tremendous adoption among our users.recommanded-by-google

As mentioned by, Google announced today that Powertools, the document management and workflow technology for Google Driveā„¢, has been inducted into the ‘Recommended for Google Apps for Work’ program that showcases innovative technologies for users of Google Apps for Work. The 20151103-amit-singh-google-web-summit-001announcement was made today by Amit Singh, President of Google for Work, at the Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland. Only 8 solutions in the world have been selected, so that’s a great milestone for Powertools. We’ll continue to serve our business users, and ensure that they will have a unique user experience of Google Drive.

Thank you all fo the support, your feedbacks and let’s continue to make Google Drive the most business friendly solution!

At the time you are reading this post, there are already 123315 active users of this new version.

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Enjoy !


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