Jardiland eases employee learning with Powertools for Google Drive

Jardiland, a leading European big-box garden supplies chain, was looking for a solution to ease the information workflow among employees. Jardiland successfully deployed Powertools as explained by Patrick Barrabé, Project Manager at Jardiland:


Powertools has improved the synergy between our stores and corporate office by enhancing how we share and access information. We used to struggle to relay messages in a format that was easily accessible by employees. Now, by adding structure to Google Drive using Powertools, information is flowing much better and our teams are more efficient. Deploying Powertools has led to a boost in productivity and employee learning.

Patrick Barrabé, Project Manager at Jardiland

The full integration of Powertools with Google Drive enables a seamless User Experience and help boost to user adoption.Powertools features like metadata and tags fully integrated with Google Drive enable Jardiland user to gain in productivity.

Powertools features like metadata, tags and enable Jardiland user to gain in productivity.

Thanks to Jardiland for their trust, and let’s continue to cloudify business!


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