Exclusive Webinar : 5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Team Quote Management with Google Drive and Powertools

What You Will Learn During This Webinar

Did you know that an average sales rep wastes over 23% of his or her time on administrative tasks related to documents and sales assets? Did you also know that Google Drive can be used to get substantial improvements in the efficiency of your sales cycle?

We are hosting a series of free webinars and Powertools demo sessions for Google Drive users hoping to improve their sales cycle with insights straight from us, the Drive experts, and ask questions about how to use Google Drive more effectively.

In this live session you’ll meet Sonia and Marshall, our Drive Experts, who will show you how to:

  1. Create quotes easily and efficiently

  2. Deliver smart and professional looking quotes the first time

  3. Reduce the time it takes to get approvals

  4. Spend more time on selling



3 Dates in April

Wed 5th, Wed 12th and Wed 19th of April

Limited Spots!

Spots are limited to 10 attendees per session

to maximize the benefits of the webinar and the Q&A




Sonia & Marshall

Sonia and Marshall will share their Drive expertise and help you to get the most out of your Google Drive. In these webinars, they will present the usual pain points in the Sales cycle and explain how to resolve them. They will also show you some best practises and how to use Google Drive and Powertools to maximize the efficiency of your Sales Team.


I found this webinar very useful. I especially appreciated the workflows that can be directly integrated into Drive. This will really help us to improve our sales process and get the most out of Google Drive. Thanks for sharing your insights!


I hadn’t realized how much time can be lost during the sales quoting process and that it could actually affect our sales numbers! This webinar gave me some important insights on how to automate business workflows and help my sales team to be more productive.



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